Coal Drops

Kings Cross, London

Built in the 1850's, the Coal Drops were for receiving and sorting coal as it arrived from the north of England by train, and is now home to 50 stores, restaurant and cafes. 

The most complex feature is the new ‘kissing ribbon’ truss roof, made up of twenty bespoke tubular modules, which were sub-assembled on the ground into eight modules for construction. Support to the roof during constriction was provided by twelve temporary trestles. The new roof provides a continuation of the existing slate roof and will connect the East and West Coal Drops at upper level via a suspended floor.


Scope of works:

  • Removal and reinstatement of flooring, joists and beams
  • Installation of new plywood flooring and reinforcing with steel angle plates and brackets
  • Repairing and reinforcing trusses with steel braces and brackets
  • Temporary prop work to support trusses and chimneys while repairing
  • Installation of Louvre Timber arch infills and cladding
  • Gable end cladding
  • Installation of internal plywood and oak peel soffit to the ‘Kissing Ribbon’ roof
  • Task master door sets covered with cladding
  • Timber door and frame installation
  • Restoration of 6 heritage arched sliding sash windows
  • Installation of 3 large windows to the south anchor viaduct units
  • Installation of new joists and plywood mezzanine level flooring
  • Shop front cladding using Kebony Louvre panels
  • Installation of oak cladding strips to underside of roof


Heatherwick Studio
Structural Engineer