Buckingham Gate

Victoria Street, London

62 Buckingham Gate is a 12 Floor Commercial Building above ground; with a split level basement below ground, which sits adjacent to Westminster City Hall on Victoria Street in London.

Each Floor of the structure is approximately 2,500m2 sat around two major jump cores. Each of the cores spring 15 Floors from the Lower Basement Raft Slab to the 12th Floor Roof slab. 

As part of the sub-contract package; Getjar Limited undertook all reinforcement detailing for the whole of the project together with the complete design of the 12 Post Tensioned Floors to the Superstructure, together with the design & installation of 200t of structural steel columns.

The concrete works comprise both exposed concrete finishes as well as concealed works;with the superstructure typically consisting of 23 sloping circular columns around the perimeter of a 375mm thick post-tensioned slab. Whilst the superstructure slabs are typically 375mm flat; there are reduced areas of ribbed slab construction.The approximate total volume of concrete to the works is 24,500m3.

Sir Robert McAlpine
Pell Frischmann
Structural Engineer